The Baby Boomers’ Unemployment Dilemma – Living in Mexico is The Answer!

Baby Boomers

Wondering About the Future

Baby Boomers Fear Early Retirement at Poverty Level

An article about the dilemma of baby boomers who are unemployed and forced into early retirement was recently written by Motoko Rich of the New York Times, recounting a story of a woman who’s been unemployed since 2008 and, turning 62, is forced to take early social security.  Her story, like many others, is the new dilemma facing the nation’s baby boomers.

Applications for Social Security Increasing by Baby Boomers

The New York Times article mentions  a statement by chief actuary, Steve Goss, of the Social Security Administration estimating that 2011 and 2012 will see a rise above those increased initial 200,000 benefit requests made in 2008 and 2009.

Early retirement means baby boomers must live on an amount that is 30% – 40% less of the full social security benefit they would have received if they were able to work until full retirement age in their state.  Now many are facing living on $1000 per month or less.  How will they survive?

Baby Boomers Wonder About the Future

As stated by Mikoto Rich, of the New York Times, “Even as most Americans are delaying retirement to bolster their savings accounts, the recession and its protracted aftermath have forced many older people who are out of work to draw Social Security much earlier than they had planned.” (text taken directly from NYT article dated June 9, 2012)

It is clear that many American Baby Boomers are looking to the future with big questions.  They wonder how they will live solely on their social security income.  We’re talking about the boomers who are part of the diminishing middle class in America.  Many of these baby boomers have spent all of their retirement funds trying to keep their homes while looking for work.  Their unemployment has run out and so has their hope.  Now, social security income is their only staple.

There are many worried baby boomers facing reduced income in the United States by taking early retirement and they are wondering how they will survive on social security income alone.  Some have had to move in with their adult children.  This is a burden on everyone and an abandonment of dreams for the baby boomers.

The Growing Trend for Baby Boomers in the Know? – Living in Mexico!

The ever growing trend to take charge of life and live well on a small budget is the trend of  moving south of the border and living in Mexico.

Living in Mexico means the ability of baby boomers to maintain independence with a very comfortable lifestyle.  This is not bunk!  We know it because millions of  of baby boomers are now expats from the U.S., living in Mexico and loving it. We, at Mexico Living Now, are part of that group of boomers enjoying a good life in Mexico.

Living in Mexico gives a baby boomer almost all the benefits of living in the United States while stretching the dollar by a much lower cost of living.

Baby Boomers Can be Middle Class Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico offers baby boomers many choices of climate, living standards, medical care and amenities that would not otherwise be available on a social security income.  Couple those benefits with the benefits of low cost housing either for purchase or for rent.

If you are one of those people who are now facing early retirement and living solely on social security, we really believe you will find new hope discovering the amazing lifestyle you can have living in Mexico.

Visit our website, and research the Best Places to Retire in Mexico.  See which one peaks your interest and write us with any questions you may have.  We will be happy to respond.

Living in Mexico is the life saver thrown out to the drowning middle class in the United States.  Take a hold of it and live a better life in Mexico if you are an early retiring baby boomer.  Virginia may be for lovers, but Mexico is for baby boomers!

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