San Miguel de Allende is a favorite for many retiring baby boomers from the United States and Canada.  It is also an attraction to many foreigners.  This diverse mix of culture coupled with the nearly perfect year-round weather makes San Miguel de Allende one of the most desirable places to retire in Mexico.

In addition to the narrow cobblestone streets and winding hilly roads, San Miguel de Allende is home to many artists and world renowned art schools.  The art colony centered around the many art galleries as well and a huge warehouse-like art colony called Fabrica La Aurora.

In the sixties, San Miguel de Allende was a settling ground for GI’s from the United States using their educational grants to study in this inspirational town.

Due to the various elevations of San Miguel, there are homes with absolutely magnificent views of the town, mountains and all of the surrounding colonial charm.  You can find good size lots for sale, haciendas and magnificent colonial homes.

The center of town is busy and bustling every day with business, tourism and just regular residents flowing into the center of town.

There are some very fine restaurants mixed in with the traditional Mexican cuisine.  San Miguel has a great cultural atmosphere ranging from the theater to jazz clubs and the arts.

You’ll never be bored in San Miguel and you fill find it one of the best places to retire in Mexico.








  1. Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende is priced higher than many other regions in Mexico.
  2. Shopping in San Miguel is a shop-aholic’s dream, but again, prices can be higher by comparison to other areas of Mexico.
  3. Weather is near perfect all year round.
  4. Excellent Health Care is available.
  5. Public transportation is easily accessible and a great way to get around.
  6. Education for just about any subject is available in San Miguel, including non-credit education like cooking, languages, writing, personal development, art and fitness.