Safety in Mexico – Myth or Reality?

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Safety In Mexico?

Yes, safety in Mexico is a reality, yet, many of the negative media reports about safety in Mexico play heavily upon the dangers rather than the many benefits of retiring in Mexico.

You must be wondering how so many Americans and Canadians can retire in Mexico with the news always focused on safety in Mexico.

It is unrealistic to downplay the drug violence threatening safety in Mexico, but just as in any country, you have to travel intelligently.  The entire world is dangerous and rare is the place on this planet where you can find complete and total safety and security.  You may find it hard to believe that there are many areas to retire in Mexico that are far safer than most places in the world.

Safety in Mexico – Safest Areas to Retire in Mexico

Mexico Living Now has purposefully selected specific retirement areas in Mexico that are safe and secure by comparison to other major cities in Europe, the U.S. or Canada.

If you are considering retiring in Mexico, there are some pointers that will help you travel through Mexico so you will be assured of your safety in Mexico:

    1. Planning to drive through Mexico? It is recommended you drive during daylight hours and plan to stop at hotels or B&B’s that are close to the major road.  If you don’t know the area, why chance getting lost?  Plan your travel hours and evening stays well in advance.
    2. Make certain to cross the U.S. / Mexico border during early morning hours and do not drive through publicized dangerous areas.  Most drug cartel violence does not involve expats, but better safe than sorry.
    3. If you read all of the negative comments on expat blogs about safety in Mexico, make sure you ask the author if they have lived in the area they are negatively impacting with written words.  There are always nay-sayers who can ruin your plans.
    4. If your visit is a ‘first-time’ trip to Mexico, try to travel by air into the area to avoid any stress of the unknown.  It’s best to get familiar with an area for your retirement in Mexico before you decide to make a trip by car.
    5. All toll highways in Mexico are serviced by the Green Angels.  This is a volunteer group that will help you on the road from dawn till dusk with auto, medial or general assist.
    6. Remember to always keep a full tank of gas as distances between gas stations vary.

For a list of the safest and best places to retire in Mexico, visit

Mexico Living Now highly recommends you get a complete tune-up for your car before you venture on a long drive into and throughout Mexico.

Safety in Mexico – Conclusion

As stated above, Mexico Living Now recommends the safest areas to retire in Mexico. Just like in any other city in the world you want to use common sense;  don’t carry expensive objects or wear expensive jewelry while in unknown territory. Being aware is the key to safety in Mexico..


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