Photo by Paolo Carosso

Nayarit is one of the smaller states in Mexico, bordering on Jalisco, and it is a range of 100 miles of pristine beach ranging from secluded rocky coves to wide, palm-fringed expanses.  In some parts, the sea resembles that of the Caribbean dazzling blue due to the abundance of coral reefs.   Enhancing this beauty is thick jungle foliage that mantles the slopes of the Sierra Madres appearing to tumble toward the shore.  The stretch of coastline begins in the southwestern part of the state at Neuvo Vallarta and ends at the northern part of the state in Playa Novilleros.

Nyarit has archaeological sites, colonial and 19th century buildings, and monuments due to the various cultures that formed this Pacific Coast state on the mainland of Mexico.  The Sierra Madre Occidental rises from the Pacific and divides the terrain into gorges and valleys.

Nyarit,  renamed Riviera Nyarit in 2007 by the Mexican tourism officials , is comprised of 20 municipalities, each ranging from sleepy village towns to bustling tourist destinations.

Many a famous personality have been spotted in Riviera Nyarit,  starting in Nuevo Vallarta which hosts magnificent all-inclusive resorts to the  fishing villages of Sayulita and San Francisco (also known as San Poncho), where many baby boomers are finding their dream retirement in Mexico.

The boom in Riviera Nyarit began in 2004 when living was quiet and simple in this region.  Now, you can purchase private beach residences upwards of $6 million U.S. dollars.  But don’t discourage!  There are still many remaining pueblos that are part of this booming state, offering affordable alternatives, and Riviera Nayarit is considered one of the best places to retire in Mexico.

If you love to golf, you will find some of the most fantastic courses developed in Riviera Nyarit.  Boating, sport fishing, jungle trekking and bird watching some very special winged species are only some of the wonderful recreational activities for your retirement living in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit.


  1. Riviera Nyarit offers state of the art hospitals with the latest in medical and emergency response and care.
  2. Riviera Nyarit’s  Nuevo Vallarta is only 15 minutes from the Puerta Vallarta Airport in Jalisco. (this is a commercial international airport)
  3. Traditional beadwork of the native Huichol Indians can be purchased in the tourist villages.  The Huichol live in small, mountain villages but will travel to sell their age-old craft.
  4. Weather in Riviera Nyarit is very stable, sunny 95% of the time with temperatures evenly hovering in the mid to upper 70’s.  Just perfect!
  5. The beach of Playa Novilleros is the longest beach in the entire country of Mexico.
  6. Tepec is the capital city of Riviera Nyarit.  It is inland but a definite “must” on your list of places to see, starting with the Plaza de Armas.