Retiring in Mexico – Volunteering Your Time

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Retiring in Mexico

Children in Mexico selling candy

Retiring in Mexico – What Will You Do with Your Time?

Retiring in Mexico is initially a busy period of time of adjustment.  But, after you have completed your initial settling-in period, what will you do with your time?

Retiring in Mexico and Volunteering

Yes, there are plenty of needy people in the country from which you have emigrated to retire in Mexico, but now, while living in Mexico, you can make a difference in your new home.

Various efforts initiated by expats retiring in Mexico have begun to take off and are bringing about many positive changes.

Living in Mexico offers retirees a abundance of good causes and interesting and rewarding situations from which they, too, can grow.  Many children in Mexico are forced to abandon school so they may work and help their families with much needed income.  Poverty in Mexico, as in any country in the world,  is part of the culture.  Expats retiring in Mexico have begun a new and very effective movement to help impact the lives of the Mexican people in need.

Retiring in Mexico Can Bring You Rewarding Possibilities

There are many opportunities for expats retiring in Mexico to volunteer as English tutors, student mentors, care takers for the elderly and even pet care.  Generally speaking, most expats living in Mexico have started causes of their own to expedite more interest in volunteering in Mexico.

Retiring in Mexico

Helping Pets in Mexico

Expats Retiring in Mexico Bring About Change

Recently, in the town of Merida, Yucatan, there was a huge volunteer effort of Veterinarians and expats to neuter and spay cats and dogs at no charge for all of the local resident pet owners in various pueblos around the city.  Thousands of pets were brought to predetermined centers for the free surgery.  Local pet owners lovingly looked on as doctors and expats ran an amazingly organized effort to help diminish the population of homeless pets in the future.

Retiring in Mexico – Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer organizations throughout Mexico that offer expats retiring in Mexico a myriad of choices.  When volunteering in Mexico, your passion can be helping children, the elderly, gardening, pets or starting an English Library.  Whatever your passion, you can find a plethora of choices to enrich your life while retiring in Mexico.  More importantly, incredible relationships have been born between expats retiring in Mexico and the locals through volunteering in Mexico.

Just think about it; living in Mexico and retiring in Mexico are almost phrases that create an oxymoron. But retiring does not mean that all living stops.  Retiring can mean many things to many people.  Thus, living in Mexico and volunteering in Mexico can be a rewarding, exciting and adventurous part of your new life while retiring in Mexico.

Remember, we would love to hear from you about your ideas or experiences about volunteering in Mexico or retiring in Mexico.



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