Retiring in Mexico – Expat Culture Shock

Retiring in Mexico – The Adjustment Period

Retiring in Mexico - Expat Culture Shock

Don't Forget to Pack Your 'Best' Attitude

Retiring in Mexico and visiting Mexico for vacation are two totally separate feelings.  If you have ever vacationed in Mexico, you know the feeling of total relaxation, letting go of all stress and not feeling badly about family or pets left at home.  You know you’ll be returning to all of it, so you give yourself up to Mexico and all of its traditions, music, culture and the total magic of Mexico.

Retiring in Mexico – Pack Your ‘Best’ Attitude

Many people decide that retiring in Mexico is a great idea. Having  vacationed in Mexico, they find the culture and traditions of Mexico so enticing, with friendly people, charming music, beautiful landscape and a variety of delicious food and adventure galore! But, once the

decision to retire in Mexico is made, many people forget to focus on the reality of permanently leaving the comfort zone of the past; family, friends, familiar surroundings and familiar language.  Now living in Mexico, a different country entirely, takes on a whole new meaning.

Expats in Mexico – Is Retiring in Mexico for You?

Becoming an expat in Mexico means re-birthing yourself.  Living in Mexico means you must set your mind and body clock to a different time; a different tempo.  Experienced expats in Mexico whom we’ve interviewed all agree.  It takes time to adjust.

Initially, due to language differences, feelings of awkwardness and inadequacy are most common with expats in Mexico.  These feelings are then followed by questioning your decision to chose living in Mexico over your homeland.  Then, you may wonder if retiring in Mexico was the right thing to do. Everyday that you feast your eyes on the people in your new land, you will discover how different you and they truly are.  How will you feel about this?

Mexico Living is Easy!

As mentioned earlier, we have spoken to many people who have retired and are living in Mexico and they come from all over the world.  What they have found, and you should plan on finding, is that retiring in Mexico and living in Mexico on a permanent basis is one of the best decisions a person can make.

As time passes, the feelings of awkwardness, different culture, different attitudes and more simply disappear. Most expats in Mexico feel a total sense of relief.  A sense of relief because they have learned how to let go of the pressures in life.  Most expats in Mexico feel that retiring in Mexico is vacation-style retirement living.  And, with that comes the re-birthing.  The new you that knows that time and patience will pay off by your choice of retiring in Mexico.

Retiring in Mexico is fun!

So, don’t let the old bugaboos scare you.  Living in Mexico is just a new chapter in your life.  Retiring in Mexico is an exciting and adventurous chapter in your life.  You will find so many expats in Mexico….just like you….and they will be happy to help you figure out the fun and excitement of retiring in Mexico.



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