You are permitted to bring your pets into Mexico but you must find a Veterinarian in your hometown that has the immigration forms to fill out for your pet entry before you enter Mexico. Not all Veterinarians have these forms.

The Vet will have to make certain that all the pet vaccinations and other shots or treatments are up-to-date. All of this information will be documented on the immigration form.

The pet immigration form is only valid for a limited time, approximately 10 days. Therefore, if you have your departure date set, make certain to have the papers filled out either one day prior to your departure or the day of your departure. The Veterinarian cannot pre-date the document, so you must have the documents filled out on the same day you will take the document with you.

If your pet is anxious or ill from car or plane rides, you can obtain medication for your pet to calm it for the journey. Your Veterinarian will know the dosage and strength of the medication by the weight of the animal and any allergies the animal may have.

Once you have settled in Mexico, you must visit a Veterinarian to request the required booklet needed for your pets. That booklet will be a record of yearly required shots / vaccinations and it must have a photo of your pet on the front of the booklet. The Veterinarian in Mexico knows the procedure and will take the photo and properly fill out the booklet which you must maintain for the security of your pets.