Mexico Immigration Law 2013

Mexico Immigration Law 2013

 Immigration Laws change in Mexico for Expats

In November 2012, the changes to Immigration Law for expatriates were put into effect.

These laws change some particulars of the Temporary Visa vs. Permanent Residency.  A very important note is the law on your import vehicle. If you have a vehicle in which the VIN# begins with a letter, your vehicle will become illegal upon your permanent residency.  Imported vehicles on a temporary visa are given a sticker and may remain in the country with annual updating of the status of your residency. VIN#’s beginning with a NUMBER indicate the vehicle was made in Canada, the U.S. or Mexico.  Only those vehicles are permitted to be nationalized after a 4 year period on temporary visa.  Any VIN# that begins with a ALPHABETICAL LETTER usually indicates a vehicle made outside of those three accepted vehicle manufacturer areas.

Since there are so many different versions of these changes, we are going to try to provide you with what we believe to be the most accurate information at this time.
The site,  gives you what they call “Straight Talk”.  We have provided you with a link to this site for your clarity on the law.  Please take a moment to thank the folks that have provided this information as it is very time consuming and tedious to obtain the absolute correct immigration information and to translate it into English for your ease of comprehension.


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