Mexico Living – The Most Dangerous Country on the Planet?

Mexico Living

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Headline News: Mexico Living – Safe and Secure

The news headlines today featured many stories of violence, but Mexico was featured as being the most dangerous country on the planet.  Really?

We at Mexico Living Now do not support or subscribe to any type of violence but we’d like you to compare these stories.

This morning in Ohio, a young man brings a gun into his high school and shoots five students, killing three.  In Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers are being killed because they burned the Korans that were being used to pass terrorist information within the pages of the holy book, a defiling in itself.  One of the soldiers was killed at his desk by a Afghan co-worker.  These are people we’ve worked with, side by side, for ten years to help in their training for independent living ; supposedly our friends.

In Mexico, Puerta Vallarta, tourists left their Carnival cruise ship for a jungle tour and were robbed at gunpoint.   They had their money, cameras and passports taken, but not one person was reported as harmed physically in any way.

It was reported that one bandit lifted his shirt to show a knife. The witness also reported that the bandit was holding his gun facing up in the air.  No doubt this is scary stuff, especially since the bandits were wearing masks.

Is Robbery An Accepted Part of Mexico Living?

No, no and no.  Crimes of any type are never acceptable to any civil society.  But when the news touts Mexico as the most dangerous country on the planet, we at Mexico Living Now feel that a crime is also being committed. It’s simply not true and it’s a damaging title that is not deserved.

It is no secret that there is violence along the Mexican border with drug cartels.  However, much like the Mafia in the United States, the criminals are not seeking nor targeting ordinary citizens of the United States or Canada.  If you get involved with the criminals in any way, we suggest you will be putting yourself in danger.

People have had their cell phones stolen in Mexico from bandits who conduct virtual kidnappings; example Mazatlan.  Virtual kidnapping is when a bandit calls the contacts in the cell phone and demands money saying they are holding the owner of the phone hostage.  Again, a terribly scary thing,  not a crime of violence but certainly a form of terrorism.

Mexico Living and Schools

There is no gun violence in the schools of Mexico.  Gun ownership is not permitted in Mexico. We all know where many bandits get their guns, but we’re not here to point fingers.  Education and schools in Mexico are safe and secure.  The students are personally escorted to and picked up at school by one parent every day.  Are there metal detectors necessary at Mexican schools?  No!

Mexico living means meeting people of a new culture.  Mexico living means living among Mexican people who are some of the warmest, most family loving and friend loving people on the planet.

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Mexico Living – Don’t Fear It!

There are many things to fear in the world, but Mexico living should not be one of them.  Caution is the operative word here, as it is anywhere in today’s world.

People experiencing Mexico living, for the vast majority, are happy, healthy and live in peace.  Mexico living does not translate to violence in Mexico.

There are dangerous people and dangerous animals and dangerous weather conditions all over the world.  The news media, for some reason, wants you to fear the country of Mexico.

We, at Mexico Living Now, live here with the other 2 million expats from the U.S. and Canada and some European and Asian countries.  We all  love Mexico living because Mexico has much to offer;  great weather, affordable and excellent living conditions, wonderful culture and kind people.

Enhanced by ZemantaWhy We, at Mexico Living Now, Wrote This Post?

Because we at Mexico Living Now want you to see the other side of the story.  We are here, living and loving Mexico every day.  We experience Mexico living on an entirely different level than short term visiting tourists.

So, we ask you to open your mind and remember that you too can enjoy all the benefits of Mexico living; today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

We urge you to explore our site and trust that you can experience a safe and secure lifestyle of Mexico living.

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