Mexico Living Now – Expats Retiring in Mexico

Mexico Living Now – Expats Retiring in Mexico

Mexico Living Now - Expats Retiring in Mexico

Mexico Living Now - Expats Retiring in Mexico

The Mexico Living Now lifestyle and expats retiring in Mexico is growing in popularity throughout the United States, Canada and some parts of Europe. 

Mexico Living Now – What is an Expatriate?

An expatriate ( abbreviated is “expat”) is a word that was derived from the Latin words ‘ex’, meaning out of, and ‘patria’, meaning country  or fatherland.

Expatriate or ‘expat’ is a global term that was fostered by companies that would send their higher ranking employees into other countries to work versus the staff hired locally in the country to which the expats were sent.  Therefore, ‘expat’, in the simplest of terms, is a person who is living or working outside of their homeland either temporarily or permanently in another country.

Mexico Living Now -  Expats Retiring in Mexico, A Growing Trend!

Expats retiring in Mexico are growing in numbers, so the term ‘expat’ has become a common term and indicates no disrespect, but only refers to those who have left their homeland to work, live or retire in Mexico.

We, at Mexico Living Now, speak to many expats retiring in Mexico and some have expressed offense to the term ‘expat’ because they believe it means that you no longer love your country and you turn your back on your fatherland.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you retire in Mexico to better your life and make your money go farther, there is no shame in calling yourself an ‘expat’.  You are not a traitor and you remain, forever if you wish, a citizen of the country from which you emigrated.  Being an expat retiring in Mexico simply means you have traveled outside of your fatherland for residence.

Expats retiring in Mexico – The Mexico Living Now Lifestyle

Mexico Living Now is a way of life that many baby-boomers are seriously considering due to the close proximity of Mexico to the United States and Canada.  Mexico Living Now is considered a vacation style retirement living because retirement in Mexico means a more relaxed lifestyle, an economically feasible way to live well without a strain on social security income or retirement funds with recreational activities abound.  Baby-boomers only need to research the best places to retire in Mexico to find their perfect lifestyle as expats retiring in Mexico.

Expats retiring in Mexico- Mexico Living Now

Expats retire in Mexico because of many sensible and solid reasons, one of which is the weather. The climate is very desirable throughout most of Mexico depending on where you wish to retire in Mexico.  For the best places to retire in Mexico, you can refer to the list and descriptions featured in Mexico Living Now.

Retiring in Mexico offers hopeful baby-boomers the most for their money.  The housing market is wide open and  is very affordable.  Health care in Mexico and health insurance in Mexico are affordable and social health care is available for those who can show proof of their social security income.  For the retiring boomer, transportation in Mexico is easy either using mass transit or a vehicle, owned or rented, on Mexico’s major toll roads or the many well paved and modern roads throughout the country.  Shopping in Mexico is abundant with choices and variety of stores to meet every need.

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We at Mexico Living Now hope that you find this post helpful and the related links filled with more information for good decision making when considering retiring in Mexico.

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