Mexico Living Now – Celebrating the Holidays in Mexico

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Mexico Living Now The Holiday Season & Expats

Mexico Living Now – The Holiday Season & Expats

If you are living in Mexico now or planning to live in Mexico in the near future you will find some of the commonly celebrated holidays in Mexico are Spring Break, Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve.  Even Halloween gets a big day in Mexico, known as Dia de Los Muertos.

Mexico Living Now and Wondering About Your National Holidays?

As a citizen of the United States or Canada and retired in Mexico, it is most likely that you will celebrate your native country’s holidays with close friends in your Mexico Living Now lifestyle.  Many expats host home or group parties to celebrate July 1st Canada Day, July 4th Independence Day and even Swiss National Day, August 1st.  Living in Mexico is more of a universal celebration of life, family and friendship.  Retiring in Mexico does not limit your potential to make Mexico as close to your homeland as possible.

Mexico Living Now has attended all sorts of holidays celebrated within Mexico by its ever increasing population of expatriates.  Leaving your country to retire in Mexico does not mean you have to give up the holidays that you wish to celebrate.

God the Father painting the Virgin of Guadalup...

Mexico Living Now - Celebrating the Virgin de Guadalupe

Mexico Living Now – What about my religious holidays?

Religious holiday celebrations publicly recognized in Mexico are primarily the Catholic holidays although many religions are present and celebrated by the vast majority of expats  in Mexico, including the Jewish religion and Jewish holidays.

Mexico is host to other various religious institutions such as Synagogues,  houses of worship for Mormons and more.  However,  the most public religious holiday displays in Mexico are for the Catholic holidays of Jan 6th Day of the Three Kings, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter and Christmas.   One very big holiday that is unique to Mexico is the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe just weeks before Christmas.

When you live in Mexico, you will see holidays celebrated with public processions displaying religious symbols and art forms.

The most familiar displays of celebration in Mexico are fireworks.  If you decide to be part of the Mexico living now movement, you will become familiar with the sound of local fireworks to celebrate almost anything.  You will soon recognize the sounds of “fiesta” by the common “pop” and “ping” of local fireworks.

Mexico Living Now – Your own unique celebration!

Whichever holiday you celebrate, or whatever your religion, you will completely enjoy learning about the traditional holidays of Mexico.  Retiring in Mexico gives you a front row seat to experience new and exciting ways to enjoy your traditional celebrations combined with the traditional Mexican style celebrations.

Mexico Living Now knows that if you have an open mind to new traditions and celebrations, you will most definitely enjoy your new active vacation style retirement in Mexico.

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Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, we at Mexico Living Now want to wish you an abundance of joy, good health, loving family and good friends.

If you have your story of a  personal holiday celebration experience in Mexico, we’d love to hear from you.  Your input is always appreciated and, with your permission, we are willing  to share with the readers of Mexico Living Now.

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