Mexico Living Now – 21st Century Mexico Retirement

 Mexico Living Now, 21st Century Mexico Retirement

Mexico Living Now – 21st Century Mexico Retirement

Mexico City Shopping Center

Presently, there are more than 500,000 expat retirees living the 21st century Mexico-living-now lifestyle.  Living in Mexico is a great retirement option because of 21st century conveniences such as rapid transit, rapid internet service, modern shopping malls, and all the big warehouse style stores such as Home Depot, Office Depot, Costco and Sams.  Mexico living now means a 21st century business culture, higher education, stylish fashion, designer furnishings and modern architecture mixed with colonial buildings from past cultural footprints.

Retirees are taking a new look at Mexico living now, a 21st century option.

Just south of the border, Mexico living now offers the convenience of major airport travel for ease of anytime rapid return to visit friends and family .  21st century Mexico is also luring many companies for relocation and many students of higher education.  Why?  Because the Mexican workforce is ready, willing and able to work hard for less money.  With the cost of living lower in Mexico, workers can live well on smaller paychecks.

As for education, Mexico offers some of the most advanced, 21st century learning institutions in the world.  One great example is UNAM, with over 300,000 students making it one the largest universities in the world with specific focus on scientific and medical research.  What better place to retire than in the home of medical research when considering medical care in Mexico for your Mexico living now 21st century retirement lifestyle?

Other reasons boomers consider retirement in Mexico are the year round comfortable weather conditions, casual lifestyle and general friendly nature of the Mexican people.

Mexico Living Now – Why Mexico?

Boomers are reaping the benefits of retiring in Mexico.  The culture of Mexico is family-friendly and advocates a slower, more relaxed style of living.

Mexico living now means having more pocket money due to the lower cost of goods and services in Mexico.  It means the ability to buy real estate and refurbish the perfect retirement dream home with excellent quality craftsmenship for a third of what it would cost elsewhere.

Indeed, retiring in Mexico presents one with a host of options including big towns offering a small town feel and an abundant landscape of greenery, including wineries, fruit farming, and lush pastures for livestock.

Overall Mexico living now offers a variety of lifestyles for every personality and all types of adventure for the active baby-boomer seeking vacation style retirement living.

Many of the coastal cities of Mexico are loaded with attractions and have an easygoing feel yet offer plenty of nightlife and fine restaurants serving a variety of foods to satisfy even the most discerning palate.  Most of the Mexican coastal cities optimize the concept of Mexico living now with quaint shopping hubs, elegant or leisure dining, water sports, sport fishing, snorkeling, deep cave diving and golf.  And, don’t be surprised when you find Sushi restaurants and gourmet coffee shops almost anywhere you chose to retire in Mexico.

One cannot forget the fabulous adventures for hiking, cycling or discovering historical landmarks in Mexico.

English: Picture of the BMV building on Reform...

21st Century Mexico - Mexico's Financial Center

Mexico’s major city, Mexico City, offers the feel of a large metropolis with incredible modern architecture housing some of the most advanced technology companies, medical universities, a mega financial center and media and tourism companies.  Beyond the steel, glass and beams of the business center is the Zocolo, the oldest and most historic place in Mexico City proper.

So, whether it’s the Mayan Riviera, the central colonial towns below the Sierra Madres or the busy cities of Mexico, Mexico living now will delight you.

Even if you have a picture in your mind of the old Mexico, we at Mexico Living Now won’t tell you that doesn’t exist.  It does!  But, 21st century Mexico is the Mexico Living Now lifestyle for most expats retiring in Mexico.

Mexico Living Now is your 21st century option for vacation style retirement living in Mexico.

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