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Mexico Living

Vacation Style Retirement Living

Is Mexico Living Right for You?

Why does the U.S.Media condemn Mexico Living? This is a great question about Mexico living and one to which we don’t have an answer.  We can only imagine that those reporting have never been to Mexico!

Recently, one of our staffers visited her hometown in the United States.  When asked where she was visiting from, she replied ‘Mexico’!  The next statement took her by surprise.  The comment was delivered with warped humor “Hope you live in a safe place”!

To those of us enjoying Mexico living and vacation style retirement in Mexico, we don’t understand this type of perception.  Our staffer could have said the same thing to this man “Hope you live in a safe neighborhood!”  But Mexico has taught us to not be confrontational.

Do We Always Have to Defend Mexico Living?

Perhaps we do.  And we will continue to do so if that’s what it takes to let people know what they are missing.

Again, we say, if you have bad neighborhoods in your town in the USA or Canada, you would not consider moving into those neighborhoods.  The same exact reasoning exists here in Mexico.  We know where the danger is and we simply don’t live there.  Mexico is a big country.  Border wars for drugs are not wars looking to harm expats.  That’s why so many people considering retirement, consider Mexico living.

Mexico Living with Caution is “Anywhere” Living!

Every time you turn on the news, you’ve got one disturbed person or another shooting people in schools, offices and public places galore in countries outside of Mexico.  Does this not make you fear anywhere you may work, walk or socialize?  We, who are enjoying the Mexico living lifestyle, do not have those fears.

We don’t experience shootings in offices, banks, schools or public places.  Simply, in the expat communities and most of the country of Mexico, it does not exist.  With Mexico’s strict anti-gun laws, and an open door for business and development, people of Mexico are more about sharing with family and loved ones, making a productive living and always enjoying life.

Mexico Living is Vacation Style Retirement Living

If you are considering retirement and looking for a fabulous, relaxed or active lifestyle, then you definitely should consider Mexico living.

Visit the many blogs written by people who have made the Mexico living choice and hear what they have to say.  It’s your only stream to the truth.

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Enhanced by ZemantaDon’t give up on Mexico living.  It’s a dream of a lifestyle.  It’s retirement living at its best!
Mexico living is vacation style retirement living with all the amenities you need to live in comfort for the rest of your life.
Mexico living; it’s a lifestyle!

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