Mexico Living – Leading the World in Wind Power Development

Mexico Living

Mexico Leading the World in Wind Power Energy Development

Mexico Living – 21st Century Wind Power Development in La Ventosa

Mexico living in La Ventosa ( Spanish for ‘the windy place’) is more like living in the future than the truly traditional Mexican lifestyle experienced in this Yucatan pueblo in the state of Oaxaca.

While tourists from all over the world are visiting the culturally rich Oaxaca and beach lovers are enjoying  the sand and surf, the winds in La Ventosa are helping  Mexico increase its 2005 green energy output by 400 times, reaching almost 4% of the country’s energy needs through wind power development.

Wind power is the future and the future, for many, is Mexico living.

 Mexico Living – Being at the Heart of Wind Power Boom

Mexico living means moving further into the wind power business with Mexico planning to ship the first ever wind power exports to the San Diego, California, from Mexico’s Baja peninsula.  At the opening of Latin America’s largest wind park, Mexican President Felipe Calderón said ““We’re talking about the largest growth in wind power projects anywhere in the world”, referring to La Ventosa.

Companies in Mexico are being offered incentives to use wind power and, among those signing up, are the giant cement maker, Cemex, the Mexican arm of Walmart, Grupo Bimbo, and Penoles, a large mining company.

Companies are making two choices to improve the use of energy for Mexico living; either they use the tax breaks to build their own wind power farms, or, they buy the energy being produced from the country’s wind power plants being established by Spanish developers.

Mexico Living – The Future of the Wind Power Race

Steve Sawyer, secretary general of GWEC (Golbal Wind Energy Council) said that  this year of Mexico’s planned build up of wind power plants will make the country the fastest growing in the Group of 20 economic world powers.

This is exciting news for investors, companies doing business in Mexico and people planning to make Mexico living their retirement style.

Mexico Living in the 21st Century

Regardless of the news headlines and zoned localization of border drug crime, the country of Mexico, as a whole, is moving into the 21st century, in many areas, faster than other countries comparable in size and economy.

If you are planning to retire in Mexico, wind power will simply add to the list of benefits you can enjoy in your future of affordable vacation-style retirement Mexico living.



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