Mexico Living – Hydroponics Comes to the Yucatan

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Mexico Living Hydroponics

Vegetables grown through Hydroponics

Mexico Living is Going Green with Hydroponics

Now, Mexico living  enjoys the introduction of hydroponics in the Yucatan Peninsula; a new way to grow vegetables, preserve water and create jobs for the locals near the town of Motul.

In another part of the world, on the Iberian peninsula, is Almeria.  It is known to have the highest number of hours of sunshine and lowest rainfall in in its country.  Much of the province is comprised of semi-arid desert due to its dry and hot climate.  This gives good reason for Almeria to be one of the most productive agricultural zones in all of Europe through hydroponics.

The Yucatan, much like Almeria, will now be a popular agricultural center for the ever growing use of hydroponics in Mexico.  This practice certainly makes Mexico living for retirement a definite plus!

Mexico Living in the Yucatan with Hydroponics

Mexico living is going green by introducing this advanced system of farming vegetables through hydroponics in the Yucatan.  The success of this productive agricultural growth through hydroponics is beneficial to Mexico living in many ways.  Rather than using soil to grow fruits and vegetables, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants in sand, gravel or water; nutrient rich water.  The results are no weeds, quick maturation, less space requirements and healthier plants due to the lack for the need of pesticides.

The Advantages of Mexico Living through Hydroponic Farming

The Yucatan peninsula sits on a bed of limestone, a rocky and difficult substance to find earth for planting.  Hydroponics, eliminating the need for soil, is the perfect remedy for farming in this type of terrain.  More importantly, because hydroponics constantly recycles water, preservation of this commodity is a major and valuable benefit.

The best part of hydroponics is that full automation of the hydroponic system requires less attention from the grower.  If the plant is unattended for a period of time, it will not run dry, burn from the sun or rot.

Mexico Living Environmentalist Introduces Hydroponics to the Yucatan

This Mexico living effort is now being introduced to the Yucatan by  Mexican environmentalist, Aliza Mizrahi, production manager of AMYSA (Agricultura Moderna de Yucatan).  She has inaugurated Nococh, a 25 acre production facility in Ici, a municipality of Motul near to the city of Merida on the Yucatan peninsula.

The expected growth in final stages should develop Persian cucumber, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and other varieties of vegetables for export internationally as well as domestic use.  This project will create much needed work for the locals in the Yucatan.

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