Mexico Living – Growing, Eating and Selling Organic Food

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Mexico Living - Growing, Eating and Selling Organic Food

Locally Grown Organic Produce in Mexico

Mexico Living and Eating Organic

If you’re enjoying Mexico living as well as eating good food in Mexico you’ll be pleased to know this….Mexico is the largest provider of organic foods in the world.

Approximately 85% of all organic food grown in Mexico is exported.  The remainder is sold locally throughout Mexico in markets and in some in packaged form in supermarkets throughout Mexico.

Most of Mexico’s local farms are generally located some 15 to 20 miles outside of major cities.  These are the farms that grow and provide organic food, including produce, meats and dairy items .

Since the large influx of expats from the United States and Canada, the organic food

market is becoming an ever growing sensation.

Organic Food Market’s Growing Importance to Mexico Living

Organic food markets have sprung up in the Lake Chapala / Ajijic area and are popular stomping grounds for people enjoying their Mexico living lifestyle with the added luxury of organic foods.  Another immensely popular  organic food market is located in Merida, Yucatan.  This market, The Slow Foods Market, has grown so rapidly that they are moving to a new and larger location to accommodate the demand for organic food.  Most of the farmers here are local expats.

Mexico Living - Growing, Eating and Selling Organic Food

Mercado Shopping for Organic Produce

Organic Food – Not New to Mexico Living

But, the idea of organic food is not new to Mexicans or Mexico living.  The Mexican people began growing produce and farming cattle and chickens without use of hormones and pesticides centuries ago.  The Mexicans are master farmers and laborers and know that turning the soil can do more good for a crop than fertilizers or pesticides for a quick fix, a larger chicken or a fatter cow.

Expats Getting Into the Mexico Living Organic Lifestyle

May expats have begun to grow their own produce, make organic yogurt, raise hormone free chickens for fresh eggs and create a past time that has become a common place meeting ground in the organic food markets that are popping up wherever expats are welcoming the style of Mexico living.

Eating Organic is Mexico Living

So many of us, expats, wonder how so many Mexican people live so long and with such gusto.  One answer has to be the organic food.  In addition to eating organic, the style of Mexico living means lots of walking.  You will see Mexicans walking just about everywhere at just about any age.  But, as we all know, good health and a good mind start from the inside.

The Economics of Mexico Living Organic

If you are considering getting into growing organic food or running an organic certified farm, there is plenty of information available for your self education.  Additionally, so many of the locals is any part of where you may be experiencing your Mexico living have experience in organic gardening.  Farm help is plentiful and inexpensive.  Saving money on hormones, pesticides and other harmful chemicals will give you enough to have a healthy workforce crafting your organic farm or livestock.

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