Mexico Living – Boomer Migration South of the Border

Mexico Living

Boomers Migration South of the Border

Boomers Enjoy Mexico Living!

Retirement for Baby Boomers has a whole new ring to it! More like a Mariachi Band ring to it.

Mexico living is the newest and most desirable attraction to retiring baby-boomers from the U.S. and Canada.  More and more baby boomers are headed south of the border, down Mexico way, for vacation-style retirement living.

Presently, over 2 million Baby Boomers are living their retirement years in Mexico. And, with the onset of 2012, one of the largest segments of the population is about to retire.

Mexico Living Soars in 2012 Boomer Migration

There are roughly 78 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964. If you fall into that time frame, you are part of the 26% of people turning age 65 in 2012.

2012 is here and searching for the best places to retire in Mexico is becoming an international preoccupation.  The phase of preserving capital, while maintaining a lifestyle duplicating or exceeding that during which you were accumulating capital, is now a real possibility.   Mexico living is making this a real possibility!

What About Mexico Living Safely?

Many would ask “what about the drug violence in Mexico?”.  We say, that’s a fair question.

Those who have already retired and are living in Mexico report it as being the safest they have ever felt.

People who chose Mexico living, simply, don’t relocate to the Mexico border towns.  Mexico has many wonderful communities filled with retired expats from the United States and Canada who are baby boomers that have either relocated full or part time and are living a life in Mexico of comfort and a vacation-style retirement.

Where Should You Plan Your Mexico Living?

Mexico living has so much to offer that, invariably, almost anyone can find the perfect area for permanent residence.  Depending on your preference of the type of weather, the costs of housing, the recreational activities you enjoy…..Mexico has it all and more!

Searching for the best places to live and retire in Mexico isn’t difficult.  There are plenty of web sites and blogs with retired baby boomers proudly pounding their ‘treasure’ chests and willing to share all the’ ups and  downs’ Mexico living.

We definitely suggest you read and research as much as possible on this subject of best places to retire in Mexico to make a good decision filled with excited anticipation rather than “shoulda, woulda, coulda” remorse.

Is Mexico Living for All Boomers?

If you’re a soon-to-be baby boomer, you may want to consider opening your mind to another dimension of retirement.  So many people have already done so and, with such great success, that we have no doubt you may be on the road to vacation style retirement living, south of the border, sooner than you can ask “what?….me move to Mexico”?!

Thank you for visiting Mexico Living Now.  We hope you gain valuable information from this site and that you will contribute your thoughts and / or experience on Mexico Living.

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