Mexico Living – Bargains for Baby-Boomers

Mexico Living – Bargains for Baby-Boomers

Mexico Living

Mexico Living - Bargains for Boomers

Considering Mexico living as a baby-boomer means you’ll now be able to take advantage of the many available bargains if you plan on retiring in Mexico.

If you become an expat retiring in Mexico, you will join the millions of baby-boomers experiencing the benefits of retiring in Mexico.  So enlighten yourself with the many available bargains for baby-boomers making Mexico living their new lifestyle.

First, let’s talk about the Mexican Peso.  Presently, the Mexican Peso is ranging between $13.50 – $14 +  per $1.00 U.S dollar.   That means if you are investing in Mexican real estate and you are planning to spend $200,000 U.S. on a home, you can purchase an amazing house in Mexico with a good size property for $2,743,760.00 Mexican Pesos.

In today’s market, that’s a bargain that will buy baby-boomers retiring in Mexico a magnificent piece of Mexico real estate.  And, if you decide that retiring in Mexico means buying and remodeling, you can get amazing bargains on land with houses referred to as “ruins” and build your Mexico living ‘dream home’ for a fraction of the cost with Mexican pesos.

In this instance, retiring in Mexico and remodeling can be your Mexico recreational activity.  What’s more, you will be amazed at the quality of craftsmanship of the Mexican workers.  They put in long hours, take great pride in their work and become like members of the family.  But, let’s not stop there.

More Bargains Exist for Baby-Boomers Considering Mexico Living

Did we mention the cost of food in Mexico?  Where ever you may decide to retire in Mexico, part of  Mexico living is shopping at the local market or “mercado”.  Every town has a mercado where you can buy the freshest of food;  fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry, all for a fraction of the cost of any food store.  An example is a bag of fresh vegetables weighing over 6 lbs. or 3 kilos for about $96 Mexican pesos or $7.00 U.S. dollars.

Mexico Living – Affordable Health Insurance for Baby-Boomers

Health Insurance in Mexico

Mexico Living - Affordable Health Insurance

Ask yourself how much you pay for affordable health insurance where you are living now.  And, we know that 2012 has brought about increased costs for your health insurance, whether private carrier or Medicare.

Retiring in Mexico can realistically give you options for a major medical plan with additional coverage for affordable health care in the U.S. at costs varying between $140 U.S. – $200.00 U.S. monthly.  And, if you are looking for affordable health care in Mexico, a benefit of Mexico living,  you’ll find this point very interesting:   Doctor visits, for general health care, can range from $343 Mexico pesos ($25 U.S.) to $685 Mexican pesos ($50 U.S).  Now that’s a bargain for baby-boomers!

Mexico Living – Bargains for Baby-Boomers on Prescription Drugs!

And, retiring in Mexico means not all medications need prescriptions.  Only those that are considered psychotropic drugs need a prescription.  That translates to “mucho” savings on prescription drugs for general affordable health care, i.e., high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and more.  Mexico living means affordable health care and affordable health care means not having to go to the doctor every time you need to refill your medication (formerly prescription drugs).

So, whether you are planning to retire in Mexico or presently living in Mexico, you are on the winning side of smart Mexico living with bargains for baby-boomers in every area of consumption.

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