Probably one of the most famous photos of Los Cabos is the Arc at Lover’s Beach.  The Arc is a real reference point and was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  The only way to travel to the Arc is by boat.

Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula and in the state of Baja California Sur.  It is a municipality which includes Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Like many of the now ‘hot-spot’ tourism locations, the economy of Los Cabos was primarily dependent on fishing.   The economy of Los Cabos is now derived from tourism with sport fishing one of its famous recreational activities as well as golf.  If you visit the tourist corridor of the Los Cabos area during winter, your ocean neighbors will be the wonderful whales who also come to enjoy the warm waters.

If you are driving on Rt.1 western side of the loop to reach Cabo San Lucas, you will cross paths with Todos Santos, now referred to as the CARMEL of Mexico.  If you know Carmel California, you know it attracts the chic Bohemian ambiance and that is exactly what you will find in Todos Santos (meaning All Saints).  Todos Santos overlooks the Pacific Ocean from the hilltop on which this little town sits.
Its magnificent fertile farmland seems odd as this is the desert, but the waters that run off the mountains and underground springs make this a lush green terrain.  And, if you remember the singing group The Eagles, you’ll remember their famous song Hotel California.  Well, you’ll find that hotel right there in Todos Santos.  You will be only 45 minutes by car from Cabo San Lucas.

San José del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is located just 30 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas and between the new International Airport and the tip of the peninsula.

You will find that the charm of San Jose that existed 100 years ago is still among the wonderful treasures you will find to enjoy in San Jose del Cabo.  The population has followed the growth of Cabo San Lucas, but the lifestyle is more laid back and traditional.  There is a quaint downtown area that in no way resembles the busy and upbeat center of Cabo San Lucas.  Here, in San Jose del Cabo you will feel as if you found a secret place to escape from the rest of the world.  This is a casual place with a more authentic feel of Mexico where the people are welcoming and friendly, and life is at a slow pace.  If you tire of the peace and quiet, you can travel to the tip of the peninsula to Cabo San Lucas.

While venturing down the peninsula to Cabo San Lucas, you will be driving along what is considered “The Corridor”.  This is a stretch of ocean beaches all the way down to Cabo San Lucas.  Take your pick from Palmilla Beach, El Bladito Beach, El Tule Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Las Viudas Beach, and finally, Cabo San Lucas.

Who knows?  You may find you want to plant your feet firmly in one of these little pueblos for your retirement.  Either way, you will experience why Mexico is considered one of the best places to retire now and in the future.


                                                       Photo by rocaPIC40666 – Panorama of Cabo San Lucas Port

If you’re looking to retire and play in style, then Cabo San Lucas is the place for you.

Cabo San Lucas was a small riverside village that exploded in the 80’s.  With it came the discovery of a piece of paradise where people could buy and build their dream house in one of the most beautiful places on the North American continent.  This paradise has come a long way in the last 20 years and it’s the hot-spot for tourism and permanent residence alike.

With restaurants like Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood, you can feel right at home with the large English speaking population of expats from the United States and Canada.  You will find some of the best shopping, boating, fishing and great golf courses to fill your days and some of the best restaurants and night spots to fill your evenings.

Real estate in Cabo San Lucas is on the high end of the spectrum.  But, with houses built into the hills overlooking the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean one would expect to pay the price.  Warning:  swimming in this part of the Pacific Ocean is nearly impossible due to the very strong current.  It’s not recommended.  Best to travel the ocean by boat and go to Todos Santos for your swimming and surfing.

If you enjoy living an elegant and stylish lifestyle, you’ll love retirement in Cabo San Lucas.

EAST CAPE (Cabo del este)

The East Cape refers to the side of the Baja Peninsula in the state of California Sur that is on the Sea of Cortez.  This stretch of pristine beaches offers some of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of the peninsula for water recreation of all kinds.  Even fly fishing is big here.  It’s home to sensational sport fishing, diving, windsurfing and trekking… just some of the amazing recreational opportunities that await you on the East Cape.  Just 120 kilometeres from LaPaz, make this one of your stops when exploring your new world of best places to retire in Mexico.


  1.  The Los Cabos airport is located 8 miles north of San Jose del Cabo and 29 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas.
  2.  There are many medical services available in Los Cabos, including plastic surgery.  Every medical profession, including emergency service and nutritionists as well as a hospital and walk-in clinics are also available.
  3. The climate varies only slightly on the east or west side on the lower baja peninsula.  Winters are warm and average in the 70’s while summer is hotter and more humid and can top 100.  Todos Santos enjoys a cooler climate at a higher elevation.
  4. Cost of Living is high, but not as high as it would be in the United States for ocean front, or near ocean living.