The most popular places to retire in Mexico’s Baja California Sur are Loreto, La Paz, Todos Santos , San Jose del  Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

After many years of Baja California Sur being very difficult to reach by car, the Trans-peninsula Highway was built and, after its 1973 completion, opened the flood gates to retirees looking for affordable places to live that were peaceful, safe and offered all the outdoor recreational activity possible.  The Highway is 1,059 miles long and runs from Tijuana down through Cabo San Lucas , and all the way to Lands End at the very southern tip of this mystical peninsula.


                                                                 Photo by Simmons Buntin

Loreto is now being considered one of the best places to retire in Mexico for North Americans and Canadians.  This little village was the first Spanish mission in the California Baja named in 1687 Nuestra Señora de Loreto. This made Loreto the first permanent settlement which is now, over 400 years later, host to golf courses and active retirement communities with a reminiscence of the richness of architecture and culture.  Loreto sits on the east cape of the Baja California peninsula and is a virtual aquatic paradise nestled on the coastline of the warm emerald and aquamarine Sea of Cortes.  The east cape of Baja Sur is dotted with small villages and long stretches of rolling dunes and white sand beaches with backdrops of the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains and sparse desert cactus.

Because Loreto has such a diverse ecosystem, it offers a multitude of islands, coves, reefs, bays and caverns.  Loreto is also located between two of the best known grey whale spotting area as they make  their annual 8,000 mile journey from the Behring Sea to the coast of the peninsula.  All of this diversity offers divers and snorkelers endless underwater discovery.  Home to  giant squid, bass, marlin and yellowtail,  and more, Loreto is a sport fishing paradise.

As Loreto grows outward from its small village roots, it provides newly built large communities supplying residents with conveniently located shopping, pedestrian walk ways, town centers and new golf courses.  The entire Sea of Cortes, including Loreto Bay, was designated a world heritage site in 2005 by the United Nations.

Loreto has an international airport and a main hospital.  There are small clinics available as well.

Loreto experiences desert like weather conditions, meaning warm comfortable winters and hot summers.