Living in Mexico is the Choice for More Americans as Family Net Worth Drops 40%

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Living in Mexico

Drop in Net Worth of American Middle Class

With Family Net Worth Down, More Americans are Living in Mexico

According to an data released by the Federal Reserve, June 2012,  the net worth of American families has dropped slightly over 40% over a three year period, forcing many middle class Americans to consider living in Mexico.

The Federal Reserve data was released in articles by the New York Times, the Washington Post , Forbes and more.  Each article summarizes how the housing market has caused a major part of this tremendous downturn for the American middle class.  Imagine! This recession has brought down the net worth of middle class Americans to a figure that equates to bringing down the last three generations.  This reality is sad but true.

Living in Mexico Returns Middle Class Living Standards to Americans

By living standards in Mexico, the American middle class can now live the standard of life they had in years past in the United States.  This is a reality that is gripping retiring baby-boomers at a rapid pace.  Why would any hard working American continue to struggle trying to pay mortgages for homes that are under water?  Why would any hard working middle class American not consider a better life, living in Mexico?

Living in Mexico is a growing movement for citizens of Canada and the United States alike.  Expats from other countries suffering the same economic downfall are also planning for a new life, living in Mexico. We know because the economy is one of the main reasons we moved to Mexico over three years ago.  Living in Mexico was the best decision we could have made for our limited income lifestyle.

Affordability of Living in Mexico

Who could imagine that living in Mexico would help us regain our middle class life by renting a 3 bedroom house, in a fabulous neighborhood for under $400 monthly?  We can afford a cleaning person weekly, afford health insurance, auto insurance, food and entertainment all on a social security income.  If one compares the value of the Euro and the shape of the European nations; the value of the American dollar and the jobless rate in the States, there is only one blaring sensible choice and that is living in Mexico!

When we talk about living in Mexico, it’s not just for the affordability, although that is one of the high points.  It’s about having many of your fellow Americans as your neighbors, all enjoying an enhanced lifestyle through living in Mexico.  Living in Mexico is about being able to experience year round magnificent weather conditions, a new culture and the ability to explore and enjoy your favorite recreational sports on a budget.

If You Are Hurting from the Economy, Consider Living in Mexico

There are many nay sayers about living in Mexico and you can read all of the bad news you want about living in Mexico.  The reality is that Mexico is a fabulous place to live and a safe place to live.  Living in Mexico offers great health care, less expensive prescriptions, affordable food, luxury lifestyles for the middle class and work for those who are bi-lingual.  If you don’t know how to speak Spanish, you can easily learn and begin your new life and expand your horizons while living in Mexico.

Keep visiting our site, Mexico Living Now, for up to date and accurate information about the Mexico Living lifestyle for expats.  We know because we actually live and work here.  Our home is Mexico and our lifestyle is Mexico Living.  Stay informed and make well thought out decisions by reading through our site so that you can intelligently plan for your new life, living in Mexico!





Living in Mexico

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