La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur and a magnificent example of the perfect place for retirement living in Mexico.  La Paz (meaning Peace) is simply heavenly.  It is located approximately 136 miles north of Los Cabos and about 906 miles from Tijuana.  Because La Paz is the capital city of Baja California Sur, it has a large Mexican working population.  English is spoken mostly in the tourism areas, so speaking Spanish is somewhat important.  And, who can resist the typical welcoming Mexican populous of La Paz?  The people are anxious to help you with anything you may need.

The community in La Paz offers one of the highest standard of living and quality of life because the average rate of pay is almost four times higher in La Paz than anywhere else in Mexico.  The population, in total, has grown to just over 250,000 people, including the towns of el Centenario, el Zacatal and San Pedro, which surround the city of La Paz.

There is a ferry service that connects La Paz to the mainland of Mexico.  This makes La Paz the most accessible of the Baja cities from the mainland and results in a bonus of getting a vast selection of goods for good prices.

The beautiful islands of Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo are part of La Paz and are two of the most desirous destinations for scuba diving.

Imagine the possibility of kayaking along with dolphins and friendly whales.  And, if you’re want to experience legendary sport fishing, you won’t find a better catch than La Paz with marlin, tuna, wahoo, durado and more.

The nightlife in La Paz is limited outside of the tourist areas.  As La Paz is not as “touristy” as Cabo San Lucas, you will be very happy there if you are looking for a laid back retirement lifestyle.

Unlike the Mediterranean weather conditions in Baja Norte, the weather in La Paz is more tropical, with comfortable warm winters and hot, humid summers. The good news is that there is an average of 300 days of sunshine in La Paz.  Rainfall is minimal and happens, generally, during August and September.

New developments are appearing throughout La Paz because of its close proximity to the U.S., just a two hour flight to Los Angeles from the La Paz International Airport.  This convenient location also makes La Paz a snowbird’s paradise, living here only half the year.  La Paz offers very good medical care and medical facilities and the location to the United States and International Airport leave all medical care possibilities available to you.  If you’re looking for one of the best places to retire, La Paz could be for you.

If you are not retiring, but experiencing a life change, you will find La Paz has some of the best educational systems in the Baja California Sur.


  1. La Paz was first settled in 1811.
  2. La Paz was famous for its pearl fishing until the 20th century when a disease killed all the oysters and the famous industry.  At that time, the divers were “breath-hold” divers with nets tied to their waist and a double end pointed stick to dislodge the oysters.
  3. La Paz is now known as the entry point for the Los Cabos to the south and linked to Mazatlán and Los Mochis ( a rich agricultural area) by ferry and to Tijuana and Mexicali by highway.