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Health Care in Mexico - Mexico Living Now

Health Care in Mexico – A major factor for retirees

Many people don’t realize that health care in Mexico for retirees is actually very good, easy to obtain and affordable.  You will find some of the best health care and state of the art medical facilities and major hospitals in Mexico.

You may be surprised to find that there are specific Medical Travel Companies that will arrange all of your travel, doctor appointments, tests and hotels for your specific medical needs.

Health Care in Mexico – It’s affordable!

If you are planning to retire in Mexico, you will find various Health Insurance plans that will cover all major medical expenses.  Plans differ according to which insurance company you chose and the various offered deductibles, co-pay and more.  Most health care insurance plans in Mexico are extremely cost effective and not much more than Medicare Plan B.  Pre-existing conditions usually have a coverage waiting period that can range from one year or more, including public insurance for health care in Mexico. (public plan discussed below)

Health Care in Mexico – No Insurance?

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If you don’t have insurance, you’ll be pleased to know that most health care in Mexico, including surgery, is 30%-50% less in cost than the United States and immediate appointments are available.  Additionally, many simple routine doctor visits can cost under $30.

If your budget does not allow for individual health care insurance or out of pocket expense, you can enroll in the government health plan, Seguro Popular, which is available to anyone over age 55.  Most times the plan is free of charge with simple proof of income or just showing your passport for date of birth.

Married couples can apply for IMSS, another government health insurance plan, that will cost you about $300 per year per person.  IMSS is no longer available to single individuals.  These public plans cover most all your needs for health care in Mexico, however, you must visit the plan’s network doctors and hospitals.

Mexico Living Now suggests you consult several different insurance representatives for the best health plan to suit your health care needs in Mexico.

Based on our personal experience, and that of the large majority of expats who retire in Mexico, health care in Mexico is excellent and affordable.

We encourage any comments from your experience with health care in Mexico.

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