Photo Author: Tomas Castelazo

Ensenada, one of the most visited destinations by pleasure boaters and major cruise lines and is known for its quality of goods when seeking the best in shopping. It also features the mega stores like Costco and Home Depot.

Ensenada enjoys a Mediterranean climate, making it the wine capital of Mexico. Each year Ensenada hosts a wonderful yearly wine festival, La Fiesta La Vendimia, during the wine harvesting season with over 50 wine, food and cultural events.



Grapes from the Guadalupe Valley



Photo Author: Tomas Castelzao

Ensenada is also big in the bio-tech industry with special focus on marine science.

Ensenada offers a variety of terrain for any type of recreational activity. It has the shoreline on both the west, Pacific Ocean and the east, Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), with mountain range and desert in between, Ensenada is popular for all types of water sports, hiking and camping. If you’re into whale watching, Ensenada is the mystical, elegant and warm place to go for this favorite nature watch of grey whales migrating two times yearly along the coastline.

With a distance of less than 100 miles from the U.S. border, the port of Ensenada is one of Mexico’s main gates of commerce. Goods and services are top shelf in Ensenada and it hosts a large variety of accommodations for the touring visitor. For permanent residency, you can rent some wonderful homes either beach front or in gated communities, including condos along the beach. Rental is a good idea – to test the waters – so to speak, and make certain the area is all that you are seeking for your retirement living.

There is an abundance of good health care in Ensenada and within traveling distance to Tijuana. There are no major airports in Ensenada, so you would have to travel to either Tijuana, approximately, 81 km, or to San Diego, approx 112 km. Ensenada has been attracting retirees from the United States and Canada at a rapid pace since the downturn of the economy in both countries.


  • Ensenada is referred to as La Cenicienta del Pacifico, The Cinderella of the Pacific
  • Ensenada has two national parks, Sierra de Juarez and San Pedro Martir. These parks are said to maintain one of the best astronomical observatories in Mexico.
  • Guadalupe Island, off the coast, is one of the best places to observe the great white shark.