Recent estimates show that an estimated 1 million Americans are already living in Mexico. According to estimates of the Mexican government and based on U.S. Census figures, that number is projected to soar to 5 million by 2025 as the aging U.S. and Canadian population look for warmer, more affordable places to retire.

Before you can decide on the best place to retire in Mexico, you should familiarize yourself with the various regions of the country. Mexico is divided into 31 states, each with its own capital, climate, flora, vegetation, style of cooking and traditions. More importantly, you want to find the region that best suits your budget, your social needs, your need for adventure, exploration and recreational activities. The most important consideration is the availability and location of good medical care. Secondary, but equally important, are considerations of distance to the airport and food shopping as well as conveniences for communication such as telephone (land line or cell) and internet service. Mexico Living Now will include this information to the best of our knowledge.

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Map of Mexico
san  felipe
A Malecon near Ensenada
San Felipe
Baja California