Of the 31 states that make up the United Mexican States, Baja California, is divided into 2 states, Baja Norte (north) and Baja Sur (south). Baja Norte is more densely populated due to the close proximity to the southern U.S. border of California. Mexacali is the capital of Baja Norte. A congested and bustling business area, Mexicali, a growing power, is considered one of the easiest places to re-locate business from the United States.

With a backbone of agriculture and industry, Mexicali has always placed great importance on education and business and is one of the fastest growing super powers in high tech manufacturing for various industries. The city is advanced, cosmopolitan and an international center for business yet the population is primarily Mexican.

Baja California is host to some of the most magnificent landscape on the North American continent and is filled with many opportunities for just about any type of recreational activity to enjoy. The peninsula offers a paradise of land mass ranging from forests to desert and miles of magnificent shoreline to vast peaks of mountain range. The variety of terrain brings with it a variety of weather conditions as well.

You will find numerous golf courses, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and deep sea diving. Whale watching, lounging seals and dolphins dancing on the ocean surface are only some of the favorite nature-watching past times. Try parasailing over either of the coastlines, kayaking or surfing from the shoreline or hiking, cycling or 4- wheeling in the glorious mountain ranges and hills. Discover beautiful, lush wine vineyards in the valleys or explore the typical flora and fauna of the arid desert.

It’s your choice to find your favorite place along this 781 mile long peninsula. And, a great feature of the Baja California is touring the peninsula by car* using The Transpeninsula Highway, a toll road, stretching from Tijuana in the north, all the way down to Cabo San Lucas; a ride filled with magnificent sightseeing opportunities.

*Remember that you must purchase Mexican auto insurance to drive in Mexico. It’s the law. Any insurance from outside the country is not accepted while driving in Mexico. You can find plans for $15 to $25 a day, or longer term plans as needed. Mexico driving law is, if you don’t have insurance and you’re involved in an accident you go to jail until you can prove that you can pay for damages or injuries.

The most popular areas for retirement in the Baja Norte are Rosarito Beach, the Ensenada Bay Area and San Felipe.