We are a group of expatriates from the United States, Canada and various European countries who moved to Mexico for many different reasons and are permanent residents for varying periods of time.

Some of us were forced to make a choice due to the state of the world economy.  Some of us chose to simply start a new life in a new culture. Many of us prefer to be geographically close enough to the major international airports for ease of visiting family and friends, yet some prefer to be in outlying, more rural areas for farming, complete cultural emersion and the avoidance of any type of city atmosphere.

Our experiences are diverse and have been wonderful and, sometimes difficult, because we began our journey with little to no information.  Trial and error are great teachers.  We hope to impart some of our knowledge to you with our goal being to educate and inform. You will make your own decisions based on the best information you can find in your personal research.  We can only provide, through our individual experiences and through the experiences of others, our personal stories of success and pitfalls. We will also direct you to government agencies and professionals regarding the necessary information for applying for the proper papers, seeking apartment rentals in Mexico, homes for sale or rent in Mexico, lifestyle in Mexico by geography and various types of adventure available in Mexico.

The information we provide is the most accurate we could find from other sources to give you an idea of climate, social life, convenience of goods and services, health care, major transportation and living concepts. (Please see disclaimer of information)

Simply, we are here to offer you information that we hope will make your journey and transition easier, more enjoyable and well planned.

As we all know, the best laid plans can go awry, but knowledge is power and we hope you will use the information from this site wisely as you launch your future into a new and wonderful life.

Bienvenido y Buena suerte,

The team of MexicoLivingNow.com